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Your Headshots and Production Stills

Make your images available for anyone who wants to work with you. IMQR makes it easy to show your pictures to anyone and edit them at a moment's notice.

Your Reels, Videos and Trailers

IMQR allows you to post and display multiple videos at a time. Now the people you meet are only one click away from watching your reel, trailers and other videos you might choose to share.

Your Twitter, IMDB, Facebook and more.

IMQR allows you to connect people with your social media channels at the click of a button. Now when someone is thinking of hiring you, they can go from your reel to your headshots to your IMDB in seconds.

From paper to digital in seconds. Casting will thank you. Trust us.

Anyone who has to deal with shuffling a lot of paper can tell you how tedious it is to look up someone's website from the back of a performer's headshots. Your unique quick response code allows producers, casting and others to quickly scan your code and be transported to your profile. Simply download your code and print it on your headshots or business cards and the people you meet will have instant access to your reel, headshots and more.

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IMQR is fully responsive. That means it works on any device.

We want you to book that part you just auditioned for. That's why we programmed IMQR with various devices in mind. Whether casting is looking at you on a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone, the interface will resize and adjust to optimize the viewing experience.

That website you're thinking of developing is a waste of cash. spend it on a new cut of your reel instead.

Ok, we're not trying to point fingers at anyone, but the fact is that hiring a programmer to create a website for you is an outdated way to get things done. We understand that as a professional, you need to watch your dollars carefully. That's why we created IMQR. It's a way to stop spending on old technology. It's that simple.

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IMQR is your entire web presence in one place for the cost of a latte. You can always cancel within 30 days if you don't like it. (We know you'll like it, though.)

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